Feinstein: Based on Gorsuch’s Record ‘I Cannot Support His Nomination’

‘Unfortunately, based on Judge Gorsuch’s record at the Department of Justice, his tenure on the bench ... I cannot support this nomination’

FEINSTEIN: "Many of his colleagues — excuse me, of my colleagues — on the other side of the aisle have praised Judge Gorsuch’s qualifications and there’s no question he’s well-educated and well-credentialed, but we’re not just evaluate resume. If we were, every Supreme Court nominee would pass unanimously 100 to 0. Rather, all of us evaluate not only their education and experience but also their judicial philosophy, temperament and views on important legal issues. We do this because, if confirmed, a nominee’s decisions will affect the lives of all Americans for generations. And as I’ve said, our job is to assess whether the nominee will protect the legal and constitutional rights of all Americans and whether the nominee recognizes the humanity and justice required when evaluating the cases before him. Unfortunately, based on Judge Gorsuch’s record at the Department of Justice, his tenure on the bench, his appearance before the Senate, and his written questions for the record, I cannot support this nomination. Thank you very much."

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