Fox News: ‘A West Wing Person’ Is the One Who Unmasked Trump Team Intercepts

‘Obviously the congressman won’t speak to us about it, which is his right, his prerogative’


HUNTSMAN: “That leads you to believe that whatever the source is that unmasked these names that were part of the Trump team, high-level source, very well-known, right?”
DOOCY: “West Wing person."
HOUSLEY: "Yeah. And I am told --"
DOOCY: "A West Wing person, right?”
HOUSLEY: “From what I’m told, exactly and from -- the congressman has said that. The congressman has said, a very high-level individual, and -- this is on camera, from what -- I watched some of his interviews last night. High-level on a camera, he said that a high-level ordered it and that on the papers that he's seen, he saw who ordered it, he saw who carried it out, and he saw one name that was unmasked."
HOUSLEY: "Obviously the congressman won’t speak to us about it, which is his right, his prerogative. But our sources know that there are a lot of things out there that exist, and they don’t know which one he’s looking at. They’re not going to be able to say it’s Susan Rice. You know, because they don't know what he's looking at."

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