Nikki Haley: No One at the U.N. Is Talking to Me About Trump’s Tweets

‘Foreign leaders are picking up the phone and calling him if they have an issue’

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DICKERSON: But those -- a lot of those things were under way before you got there. I guess what I’m wondering is, when you talk to diplomats there about the president, do you say that they should take him literally in everything he says about foreign policy?

HALEY: Well, those things didn’t happen before. That negotiation with the Democratic Republic of Congo just happened within the past month. So that’s something that’s happened while I have been there and what we’re doing going forward. No one is talking to me about the president’s tweets. No one is talking to me about any of those issues.

DICKERSON: So, should foreign leaders, the president tweets something, they should ignore it?

HALEY: I think the foreign leaders are picking up the phone and calling him if they have an issue. And that’s what they’re doing with me. If that have an issue, they are calling me. They’re not sitting there texting me and saying, what was this tweet about?

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