Jeremy Peters: ‘Incredibly Shortsighted’ of Dems to Try and Block Gorsuch

‘There’s a lot of frustration privately among democratic senators’


PETERS: "On the Gorsuch nomination, Joe, there’s a lot of frustration privately among Democratic senators who will tell you, it’s incredibly shortsighted of the Democrats to block this or to try to block this — they can’t block it, of course — and lose their ability to filibuster whoever Trump nominates for the next open court seat. You don’t know what the political dynamics are going to look like. You don’t know how weak or strong Trump might be then. If you take away the filibuster and waste it on this fight, you basically give Trump carte blanche to nominate whomever he wants to the Supreme Court the next time around, and that one is going to be possibly for the Kennedy seat. That one determines the makeup of the court. It just seems like a wasted bullet, I think. At least this is what I’m hearing from some Democrats."

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