Jim Himes: ‘There’s a Whole Bunch of Reasons’ the Russia Investigation ‘Is at Best Under a Very Dark Cloud’

‘Just as important, Chris, investigations involve people willing to take risks and come forward’


HIMES: "Well, I think his actions in the last week or so have really called into question whether he could ever do that. I mean we had the open hearing canceled on the sort of flimsiest of pretexts. And now his behavior, which has mystified Republicans as much as Democrats has done two INGs this. One, raised questions about exactly what he’s up to. We all know he was on the trump transition team, so there’s a question of divided loyalties. Just as important, Chris, investigations involve people willing to take risks and come forward. Maybe it’s intelligence officers. Maybe it’s whistle-blowers who want to provide information. But if those whistle-blowers, potential whistle-blowers or intelligence officers are worried that the chairman of the committee may turn right around and take their testimony to the White House, which is one of the subjects of the investigation, they’re not going to come forward. So there’s a whole bunch of reasons why this investigation is, at best, under a very dark cloud."

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