Marie Harf Called out for Nunes Accusation: ‘Are You Calling Him a Liar?’

Hemmer: ‘That’s what he said unless you’re calling him a liar?’


HEMMER: "He’s already clarified a lot of that already. Number one, he said the evidence he looked at had nothing to do with Russia, he told O'Reilly that last night. The other thing he said they have to go to the Executive Branch one or two times a week to look at intelligence because they can't get the documents up to the House. What's wrong with that? I mean --"
HARF: "Well, there is a secure room that the House Intel Committee has at Congress, so I'm not actually sure why he couldn't read them there."
HEMMER: "Well that's what --"
HARF: "But --"
HEMMER: "Listen, that's what he said. Unless you are calling him a liar --"
HARF: "I -- I know."
HEMMER: "-- that's what he said."
HARF: "I’m not. But what I am saying is -- first of all, he’s provided zero evidence beyond his statements to back up the accusations that people are now making off of what he said. But the bigger problem is the issue of unmasking and how the intelligence community deals when Americans citizens are picked up incidentally as part of collection is actually a part of the House Intelligence Committee's larger Russia investigation."

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