Mike Quigley: At the Very Least Nunes Should Recuse Himself

‘The American public wants these answers’


BLITZER: "Do you think the chairman, Devin nunes, should resign? Should he recuse himself from this investigation? Should he allow for a special investigation? Where do you stand?"
QUIGLEY: "I think we need a special investigation. After 9/11, there were a series of different investigations. And they all have different abilities. At this point in time, I would respectfully tell the chairman, he ought to look into his heart. Can he serve two masters? How much damage has been done to the credibility of this investigation. Attacking the credibility of that investigation hurts the White House as well. Because the American public wants these answers. I think he has to ask himself that. And he has to ask himself at the very least, if he should recuse himself."

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