Al Gore: Global Warming ‘the Principal Cause’ of the Syrian Civil War, Brexit

‘There are other causes of the Syrian civil war, but this was the principal one’

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Climate change helped cause Brexit, says Al Gore (The Independent)

Brexit was caused in part by climate change, former US Vice-President Al Gore has said, warning that extreme weather is creating political instability “the world will find extremely difficult to deal with”.

Mr Gore, speaking at an event in which he previewed a sequel to his landmark 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, said the “principal” cause of the Syrian Civil War had been the worst drought in 900 years, which forced 1.5 million people to move from the countryside to the cities.

There they met a similar number of Iraqis who had fled the conflict in their homeland, creating powder keg conditions that Syrian government officials privately feared would explode.

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