Sanders: Trump Got Some Help from the Russian Oligarchs, the Billionaires in Russia

‘Trump needed financial help for some of his business efforts’


SANDERS: "How does it happen, when you have a gentleman, a person, a leader like Putin, who is moving his country in a very authoritarian direction, is not a great respecter of democracy, has engaged in a very imperialistic foreign policy — how does it happen that we had a candidate and a President who has nothing but nice things to say about Mr. Putin? That sounds pretty strange. And the question that a whole lot of people are asking — you don't have to get into classified information to raise the question, is what do, if anything, the Russians have on Mr. Trump? What we do know, I believe we know is true, is that Trump needed financial help for some of his business efforts. And it appears — and I can't be definitive about this —that he got some help from the Russian oligarchs, the billionaires in Russia. Do they have something on him which is veering him toward a pro-Russian foreign policy at the expense of American interests? Those are the questions that have got to be discussed. And obviously the $64 question is was there collusion? We know that the Russians played a very active role in trying to make Trump our president. To what degree, if any, was there active collusion on the part of the Trump campaign and the Russians? That we don't know and that must be vigorously explored."

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