Ryan: ObamaCare Is a ‘Collapsing Law’

‘Double digit premiums this year, higher next year’


PERINO: "But did you anticipate the strong push back from the right? It seems like the seniors groups aren’t happy, the veterans groups aren’t happy. There are people who say it makes it more expensive for people who don't have insurance in order to get it or that it basically gives tax cuts to the rich, that you’re basically the reverse Robin Hood. How do you respond to that?"
RYAN: "I would simply say that ObamaCare is a collapsing law. Double digit premiums this year, projection of even higher premium increase next year. Basically forced insurance monopolies. Five states, one plan left; 1,000 counties, one insurer left. Insurers are pulling out of the marketplace. The thing is collapsing. People are trying to compare what we're doing with a law that’s quickly collapsing. It’s really a faulty comparison." 

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