Gorsuch: The Separation of Powers Hasn’t Lost Any of Its Genius over 200 Years; In Fact It’s Proven It

‘So the separation of powers I don’t think has lost any of its genius over 200 years’


GORSUCH: "We’re life tenured, right? You can’t get rid of us. It only takes a couple of us to make a decision, or nine or twelve depending on the court. It would be a pretty poor way to run a democracy. And at the same time, with respect, legislators may not make great judge because they’re answerable to the people and when you come to court with a case or controversy about past facts you want a neutral, rigidly neutral, fair, scrupulously fair decision maker. You want somebody who’s going to put politics aside. So the separation of powers, I don’t think has lost any of its genius over 200 years. In fact, it’s proven it.”

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