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CNN Devotes Segment to Comparing Bergdahl with 'Homeland's' Brody
'Thank you for taking deeply serious lessons from a television show'

CNN: Bergdahl, 'Homeland's' Brody Comparison (Washington Free Beacon)

This is CNN!

CNN devoted an entire segment on Thursday attempting to compare Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to Nicholas Brody, the main character from Showtime’sHomeland.

The painful discussion lasted over four minutes with guests Sally Kohn, and Kevin Madden trying to come up with reasonable takes.

“I’m a little uncomfortable taking about a guy who was just released from real life captivity and the Taliban and a show that’s on TV,” said host John Berman to Kohn. “However, a lot are talking about this as fans of the show…including you.”

Kohn fed the argument by stating, “There’s interesting parallels certainly…one, no doubt is that the show originated in Israel and Israel had real-life experience with these prisoner swaps.”

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