PBS: Why Does WH 'Rub Salt Into the Wound' of Red-State Dems With EPA Rules?

'I think it's in large part because President Obama hears the clock ticking'

PBS Anchor: 'Why Does the White House Rub Salt Into the Wound' of Red-State Democrats With EPA Emissions Crackdown? (NewsBusters)

On Tuesday night’s PBS NewsHour, a panel of journalists were exploring how Democratic candidates for the Senate were going to struggle with Obama’s new crackdown on coal plants. PBS anchor Gwen Ifill even said, “why then does the White House rub salt into the wound on this issue? Why make it so hard for Democrats especially?”

Washington Post reporter Reid Wilson replied that Obama wants it for his legacy as his term winds down, and reminded Ifill that he said his time would be when the planet starts to heal: 

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