Mika Brzezinski to Schiff: ‘It Sounds Like You Are Parenting’ Trump

‘It sounds like something you would say to a child that you are raising’


BRZEZINSKI: "So, David Ignatius has a question. Just -- but -- just listen to your -- it sounds like you are parenting the president."
SCHIFF: "Well, look, you know, I -- I think —"
BRZEZINSKI: "I mean that without any — I mean, you keep saying that we need to show the president there are costs to making these claims, that you have to understand the ramifications of making baseless claims. It sounds like something you would -- you would say to a child that you are raising."
SCHIFF: "But look, you know, at a very fundamental level Democrats or Republicans, we need the presidency to be successful. We don’t want to see our standing in the world diminished, we don’t want to give up our role as the champion of liberty around the world. This president is not yet standing up to his responsibilities." 

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