CNN’s John King on The Clintons: 'What Planet Do They Live On?'

'If you're Hillary Clinton and you don't want so much daily press coverage, maybe you should not do so many daily events. Just a thought'

CNN’s John King on Clintons: What Planet Do They Live On? (Washington Free Beacon)

Referring to the recent Washington Free Beacon story on Hillary Clinton’s aides complaining to the New York Times about “unfair” coverage of Clinton, CNN’s John King mocked the Clinton staff and asked, “What planet do they live on?”

Appearing Thursday on CNN’s New Day, King said “One of my favorite items this morning is quoted in Playbook from POLITICO, it’s a Washington Free Beacon story, where they say her staff recently met with the New York Times—Jonathan you know a little something about that newspaper—and said that they griped about the paper’s coverage arguing that Clinton has left public office and should not be subjected to such harsh scrutiny? What planet do they live on?”

“She’s writing a book,” he continued, “she’s giving paid speeches, she’s out there every day, they want these stories, she’s even making clear she wanted a tougher deal when it came to Bowe Bergdahl and then they say, ‘oh don’t be so harsh in your coverage’?” 

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