Application 'Inconsistencies' Vex ObamaCare

'Two million people is a lot of people ... it's a problem that we don't really know the whole dimension of yet'

Application 'Inconsistencies' Under Health Law (ABC News)

Many of the 8 million people who signed up for coverage under President Barack Obama's health care now have an asterisk next to their names.

A government document provided to The Associated Press indicates that at least 2 million people enrolled for taxpayer-subsidized private health insurance have data discrepancies in their applications. Each individual has at least one mismatch between key personal information they supplied and what the government has on record.

Consumers who get a notice about such problems would do well to pay attention. If unresolved, it could affect what they pay for coverage, or even their legal right to benefits.

It's also creating a huge new paperwork headache for the administration, although officials say they hope much of the pile can be cleared away this summer.

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