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State Dept.: We Never Said U.S. Won't 'Negotiate with Terrorists'
'Our line is that we don't make concessions'

State Department: We Never Said U.S. Won’t ‘Negotiate with Terrorists’ (National Review Online)

A State Department spokeswoman claimed that the United States has not taken the position that it will never “negotiate with terrorists,” but rather that the United States will not make “concessions” to terrorists — an important distinction, in her mind, as she argued that the release of five Taliban leaders in exchange for captive Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was not a concession.

“When people are saying the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorist groups, is that statute or is that general policy?” a reporter asked deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf during Wednesday’s press briefing.

“Well, our line is that we don’t make concession,” Harf replied. “I mean, that’s the – you’re quoting it colloquial. That’s actually not what you’ll hear us say from the podium.”

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