Asa Hutchinson: ‘I Do Not Support’ the GOP Health Care Bill ‘as It Stands’

‘I was concerned before the CBO report came out, and I’m concerned about a cost shift to the states’


BOLDUAN: "So right now, President Trump does not have your support as this bill stands?"
HUTCHINSON: "I do not support this bill as it stands. It’s okay if it passes out of the House. We just have to remedy this in the Senate. This cannot be the end product. It can be a beginning of the process. It’s got to change as it goes through to give some relief to make sure that we’re not going simply back to the old system, that we can have some stability in the marketplace, that we can have a coverage that’s needed but also that we can bend that cost curve that will help the states and the federal government. There needs to be changes."

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