Brzezinski: Trump Staff ‘Trying to Get Each Other’s Jobs for a Ship that Is Going Down!’

‘They are busy fighting trying to get each other’s jobs for a ship that is going down!’


SCARBOROUGH: "People are blaming 'Fox and Friends.' It wasn't 'Fox and Friends' fault."
BRZEZINSKI: "They got the facts right. But the President had them wrong."
SCARBOROUGH: "But here's the thing. You have to cut him a little slack because he doesn’t really have any staff members. So all the President of the United States has at his fingertips is the Google Machine." 
BRZEZINSKI: "They are all busy fighting, trying to get each other’s jobs for a ship that is going down!"
SCARBOROUGH: "This is an incredible thing. It’s not going down. He still has a 45 percent approval rating."
BRZEZINSKI: "Unsustainable."

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