Noah: Saying Slaves Are Like Immigrants Erases How Black People Are Oppressed

‘Slaves weren’t immigrants because an immigrant has choice’

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NOAH: "And the truth is, it doesn't matter who says it. Slaves weren't immigrants because an immigrant has choice. They choose the country they're going to because they hope it will bring them a better life. Saying that slaves are just another group of immigrants erases how black people are uniquely oppressed in America, and justifies African-Americans for their hardships. You can't ignore the deficit. It's like judging white people for bad twerking without acknowledging their asses are historically disadvantaged, people. We have to acknowledge the pain. Look, everyone has to admit-- African Americans weren't originally part of the American dream. And no one should deny that. To have a future together doesn't require us to pretend that our pasts are the same. I mean, look at "Beauty&the beast." She's a French peasant, and he's a less-hairy Steve ban Orange but they're going to make it work. They're going to make it work."

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