Conway: Dems’ Message Is We Don’t Want Trump To Be President

‘Their message is we don’t want Donald Trump to be the president; we are going to stop everything he is doing’


CONWAY: "I would just say respectfully to Senator Schumer, this is a very typical response to the Democratic Party these days. It’s -- it's that they have no message. I mean, they have no core. They have no message. Their message is we don’t want Donald Trump to be the president and we are going to stop everything that he is doing. And Chuck Schumer has been out there many times saying he would --  he didn’t want to hear who the nominee would be to the Supreme Court let alone Neil Gorsuch someone he voted for 10 years ago, he and his democratic colleagues. He will obstruct any type of repeal and replace measure. He doesn’t know even know what’s in it. He doesn’t know the tax reform proposal. He hasn't seen the details of infrastructure. But they want to resist and shock at every turn and it's costing their party. I mean, they are truly the minority party now, with no ideas, no solutions and just try to throw the logs in the way of the president. So I think people will -- will cut through that."

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