Paul Ryan: Imposing a Tax on Imports Will ‘Level the Playing Field’

‘Let’s make sure that foreign imports are taxed the same way American products are’

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RYAN: "Actually, we just don't see it that way. Most economists will tell you that currency adjusts when border adjustments consider tell that occur. This is not a new idea. This is the idea that 160 countries have been 160 countries already bored to adjust their taxes. America does not. Basically all other countries in the Normal industrialized countries, they adjust their taxes. Here is what they do. They don't tax their exports and the taxpayer imports. We do the opposite. Here's what we do. We make something in America? We tax it. If it goes overseas, we tax it. If -- when other countries tech something, they take the tax off of it. They don't order adjust, what happens is we have a tax on American made and services. Let's just level playing field. Let's be equal. Let's make sure that foreign imports are taxed the same way American products are."

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