Friedman: ‘Disturbing’ Trump’s Disrupting System that Have Stabilized the World Since WWII

‘These are big systems that create a more rules-based world ‘


FRIEDMAN: "People forget where the European Union came from. It’s not just a trading bloc and that wasn’t the original motivation. The European Union was forged out of World War I and World War II, two wars triggered in part by rampant economic nationalism, wherever I heard that term lately."
JACKSON: "At the west wing of the White House --" [crosstalk] 
FRIEDMAN: "It turns out the Europeans have been -- have been fighting each other for law many centuries and what the European Union did was bring them into an economic pact that has not only made Europe more secure and more stable but incredibly more prosperous. And that was -- that -- that -- that was Blair’s argument and is basically my argument. What’s disturbing about Trump, what’s disturbing about the Brexiteers is they’re playing with big systems, big systems that have stabilized the world since world War II. We sort of forgot. We’ve taken that so for granted; NAFTA, the E.U., things like TPP. These are big systems that create a more rules-based world and we — they -- also we forget how many millions of people have they taken out of poverty? Do these systems need fixing? They do. They need modernizing."

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