Scarborough Praises Dems: They Were ‘Quiet, Calm, Reserved’ During Trump’s Address

‘You would have expected last night to be one of the more hostile moments’


SCARBOROUGH: “It was very interesting. I’ve been to a lot of these for all of the presidents since Clinton, and, you know, sometimes it can get hostile on the floor and you would have expected last night to be one of the more hostile moments. There is a sense of — there has been a sense of foreboding in Washington, D.C. since Donald Trump won. And I think what surprised me the most was sitting with that Elijah Cummings invited me, and Elijah and I have been friends for a long time, was the Democrats — there was not the hostility there. They are very concerned, but Republicans, of course infamously shouted out 'You lied' and were pretty rough on Barack Obama at times. Bob, you remember. I mean, sometimes the opposition party is rough. Last night, it was actually a quiet, calm and reserved from the Democrats that I did not expect.”

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