Chris Cuomo Grills John Kerry Over Obama's International 'Weakness' on Russia

'That is absurd, and it's absolutely wrong on its face'

Chris Cuomo Surprisingly Grills John Kerry Over Obama's International 'Weakness' (NewsBusters)

John Kerry appeared on all three network news programs, Wednesday, but it was an appearance on CNN that provided a surprise. New Day anchor Chris Cuomo actually grilled the Secretary of State on pulling troops out of Afghanistan and whether Barack Obama is showing "weakness" internationally in dealing with countries such as Russia. 

On the ending of America's military presence in Afghanistan, the host pressed, "How is it a way forward when, as you well know, as soon as the U.S. leaves there, the chances that the place descends back into chaos are very high? Isn't that backwards, not forwards?" A testy Kerry complained that Cuomo was trying to "find the most negative, gloomy prediction."

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