MSNBC Panel Uses Santa Barbara Shooting to Bash NRA, Push ‘War on Women’

‘What they’re going to do ... is literally try to scare the living hell out of the country into thinking that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to take their guns’

MSNBC Panel Uses Santa Barbara Shooting to Bash NRA, Push 'War on Women' (NewsBusters)

Elliot Rodger's spree shooting this weekend has given MSNBC an opening to flog two of its favorite pet causes – restricting gun rights and waging combat against the so-called war on women. Weekend anchors Alex Witt and Melissa Harris-Perry, to their credit, downplayed those two issues while discussing the tragedy on their respective Sunday shows.

But it was former DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney who did not hold back on Sunday’s edition of her show Disrupt. She and her guests immediately tied the incident to the politics of gun control before later playing up the anti-woman angle.

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