D.L. Hughley on Trump: ‘I’m Glad the First Black President Wasn’t that Dumb’

‘I’m glad the first black president wasn’t that dumb’

D.L. Hughley blasts double standard on Trump’s ignorance: ‘I’m glad the first black president wasn’t that dumb’ (Raw Story)

Comedian D.L. Hughley was a special guest on ABC’s The View on Friday, and he offered a scathing assessment of President Donald Trump’s press conference on Thursday.

While commenting on the ignorance of some of Trump’s answers, Hughley compared him unfavorably to his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

“I look at Donald Trump and, I swear to God, I go, ‘I’m glad the first black president wasn’t that dumb,'” Hughley said, noting that conservatives would be having fits if Obama had “convorted with Russians” and was as “ill-informed” as Trump was.

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