Ralph Peters Says President Bush Shares Some of the Blame for the VA Scandal

‘Where was the outrage during the Bush years?’

Fox Analyst: VA Not All Obama’s Fault, Where Was Outrage Under Bush? (Mediaite)

Former Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a Fox News military analyst, offered a surprising defense of President Obama and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki tonight, after previously defending Shinseki as the media’s “whipping boy” over a long-troubled VA. He toldMegyn Kelly that blaming Shinseki and booting him out would be like a patient blaming the doctor for their cancer; he’s just one administrator overseeing the problem, and even if he is at fault, he’s hardly the first VA Secretary who hasn’t done a bang-up job at the position.

Peters was bothered by how everyone calling for Shinseki’s head (including a Democrat here and there) has not gone further to make any concrete suggestions or name any names for who could replace him. He said a lot of the outrage is likely “mock” because people have known about this for years.

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