Juan Williams: Obama May Just Care a Bit Too Much for Our Veterans

'He's made a big show of it. Some people might even say gone overboard'

Juan Williams Hints President Obama Cares a Bit Too Much for Our Veterans (NewsBusters)

When it comes to TV punditry, there's your garden variety liberal talking points, and then there's your absurdly over-the-top liberal spin. Fox News contributor Juan Williams opted to offer the latter in an appearance today when he hinted that, if anything, President Obama cares a little too much about America's military veterans.

Appearing on the 11 a.m. Eastern hour on Fox News's Happening Now along with New York Post columnist Charlie Hurt, Williams insisted that President Obama has nearly gone "overboard" in his support of veterans. This response came, however, to a simple question from host Jon Scott: "[I]f, as the president said this was one of the causes of his presidency, why hasn't it [the persistent problems with the VA] been fixed?"

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