Heilemann: There Are Questions About Flynn’s ‘Core Competence’ to Serve As National Security Adviser

‘There are questions that go to the core of basic competence’


HEILEMANN: Look, there's a -- the story in 'The New York Times', which is the -- the big story about -- about Flynn, which talks about generalized chaos on the national security council, has late in the stories after a series of kind of shocking piece of reporting you get to the end where it asserts that Flynn didn't -- doesn’t really understand what's required — what you need to have congressional approval for in terms of arms transfers from the United States. So, there are -- there are questions about -- about that go to basic questions of core competence --"
HEILEMANN: "-- beyond these questions of whether he's been honest with his boss, honest with Mike Pence about some of these things. Whether he is actually competent to do this job in terms of his situational awareness of what actually is required to be the head of the national security council."

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