Cummings: Conway Pitching Ivanka’s Stuff Is ‘Textbook Violation’ of Ethics Laws

‘If you were looking for the textbook case of a violation, this was it’


CUMMINGS: "Well, the president, during the campaign, made it clear when he talked about Hillary Clinton that nobody is above the law, and there are laws and regulations that clearly say that you cannot act in your official capacity as a government employee and particularly here as a counselor to the president, to advertise and promote and endorse a product to help somebody else. And Andrea, this is a clear violation. Let me tell you something; if you were looking for the textbook case of a violation, this was it. Not only did she talk about Ivanka Trump’s products but she went on to say that I am now giving a free advertisement. Then she had the Seal of the President right behind her acting in her official capacity. You know, so -- so we have laws, and at some point, somebody has to hold the Trump administration accountable."

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