Maxine Waters: I Am Ready to Talk About Impeaching President Trump

‘As a matter of fact, all that Nancy Pelosi said was that she was not ready to talk about impeachment’

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WATERS: "Well my response is that they have created a response that is not credible. This is the most outrageous and ridiculous president that this country has ever had. He cannot be depended on for anything that he says. And so, for them to try and pretend that somehow what I'm saying is outrageous and I've been reined in and all of that, there's no truth to that. As a matter of fact, all that Nancy Pelosi said was she was not ready yet to talk about -- talk about impeachment. I'm ready to talk about it. Because I do believe that he has shown us enough and defined himself in ways that we have to be suspicious and concerned about him and we've got to dig deeper. I'm wondering was there any collusion between him and Putin and the Kremlin as they hacked into the DNC, into the DCCC, into members of Congress."

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