Huckabee: Trump’s Comments About Putin Show He’s ‘Acting More Statesmanlike’

‘Whatever Donald Trump says as president, somebody is not gonna like it, but a lot of American people do’

Huckabee: Trump’s Comments About Putin Show He’s ‘Acting More Statesmanlike’ (Mediaite)

Mike Huckabee said on Fox News this morning that the press can’t criticize President Trump for shooting from the hip but then pile on him for avoiding criticisms of Vladimir Putin.

Melissa Francis asked him about the controversy over Trump responding to a question from Bill O’Reilly about “killer” Vladimir Putin by saying, “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country’s so innocent?”

Huckabee, who praised Trump for standing firm “in the face of hostility,” said this:

“So many critics of Donald Trump have said he’s unfiltered and he’s gonna get us into all kinds of disputes with foreign governments because he’s too blunt… Donald Trump is acting more statesmanlike in saying, ‘Look I’m not gonna call another foreign leader a murderer or a thug on international television because that kinda makes it hard to work with them.’ So he doesn’t do it and instead of the press saying, ‘Yes, you know, he’s acting more presidential now rather than just firing off,’ now he gets in trouble for that.”

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