Meeks: State Dept. Diplomats Risking Their Jobs by Condemning Trump Order

Costello: ‘Do you think their jobs will be at risk if they speak out?’


MEEKS: “Well, I think again, you’re going to hear more and more Americans and individuals who we have put in place to make sure that we have diplomacy around the world. They know what works, what doesn’t work. And they’re asking for help. And they are taking their jobs at risk because knowing how the current president —“
COSTELLO: “Do you think their jobs will be at risk if they speak out?”
MEEKS: “Listen, this current president, the way that he just tries to go after individuals and denies things, who knows? So, I take my hat off to them for standing up. I hope some of my Republican colleagues begin to do this. Because what they have to do to put country before party and if you recall, many of them criticized President Trump for the same policies that he’s putting in place now, through the whole Republican –“

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