CNN Expert on Travel Ban: Only 125 Americans Have Died in Terror Attacks Post-9/11

‘That’s 125 people over 15 years’


ROHDE: "Well, I think there are these narrative that Donald Trump has created. He won the presidency, but that tweet sort of reflects, he mentioned ISIS and he's painting this picture of this world that's out of control. The total number Americans who have died in terrorist attacks in the United States since the large tacks in 2001 is roughly 125. That's 125 people over 15 years. There was an increase in attacks. The terrible in San Bernardino and Orlando, but they have dropped. 125 people over 15 years. He's painted this portrait of thing badly being out of control. But it's not at that high a level. We have to be serious and deal with it, but that's the argument this is taking a sledgehammer that you know, is alienating people to a problem inside and outside of the of a problem that's not as bad as he portrays it."

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