Spicer: Safety of the Country and American Citizens ‘Has To Be Paramount’

‘So this really comes down to 109 people who are all being processed through the system’

RADDATZ: "So, let’s turn straight to White House press secretary Sean spicer. Good morning, Sean. I know there are many people who support this, but you heard those strong reactions, those stories of people stranded at airports, detained.Jesuit priests. Veterans calling this un-american."
SPICER: "The facts of what happened, 325,000 people from foreign countries that travel into the United States yesterday. There were 109 people that this actually addressed that it come in post-entry from seven countries that we’ve identified, in fact, actually the Obama Administration identified — Obama Administration had previously identified needed further travel restrictions. We’ve gone in as Terry pointed out, it’s a 90-day ban to ensure that we have further vetting restrictions so that we know who is coming to this country. The safety of the American citizens, the safety of our country has got to be paramount. That’s what the president didyesterday to ensure that the people that we’re letting into our country are coming here with peaceful purposes. And not to do us harm. So this really comes down to 109 people who are all being processed through the system to make sure that when they’ve gone out of the country, gone somewhere that is one of those seven countries and coming back that they’ve done so and not tried to go there and do anything that would cause our nation harm."

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