Christie: Bridge-Gate Will Have No Impact on My Political Future; I May Run in 2016

‘As far as the impact on my political future, I think it will have none because I didn’t do anything’

Chris Christie Says Bridge Lane Closures Scandal Will Have No Impact on Political Future (ABC News)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said today the George Washington Bridge lane closures scandal will have no impact on his political future and blamed the media attention it has received on politics.

“As far as the impact on my political future, I think it will have none,” Christie said, when asked by CBS News’ Bob Schieffer about potential implications of the scandal known as “Bridgegate.” “Because I didn’t do anything. So listen, I understand the circus that this becomes. You get 61 percent of the vote in a blue state in November, and then, all of a sudden, a couple of staff people do something that they shouldn’t have done. I fire them and, all the sudden, this becomes the biggest story in the country for a couple months. ‘Cause I guess you guys weren’t doing anything else down here? So, this is what needed to be focused on, right?”

Speaking at a question-and-answer session at the Peterson Foundation’s 2014 Fiscal Summit in Washington, Christie said, “What the people of New Jersey know about me is I tell them the truth.” The controversy that has grabbed headlines for months will be a mere “footnote,” he added.

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