Scandal Deepens: CBS Reports on Vets Dying From Overmedication by VA Doctors

‘[They said] “we don’t get people off narcotics. Our job is to write prescriptions”‘

Vets Dying From Overmedication by VA Doctors (Washington Free Beacon)

The problems continue for the VA.

A federal investigation released on Wednesday found that many wounded veterans are being overmedicated in VA hospitals. The problem is so prevalent that some overdoses have been fatal.

The Inspector General in the Department of Veterans Affairs discovered the problem is widespread.

Key findings of the VA IG’s report include:

• Only 9 percent of VA patients taking narcotics were seen by a pain clinic.

• Ninety-three percent of long-term narcotics patients were also on a sedative called benzodiazepine. When mixed, the two drugs put patients at an increased risk of fatal overdose.

• Less than half of narcotics patients on multiple drugs had their medications reviewed by VA staff.

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