Reporters Take Carney to Task for ‘Talking Around’ Emerging VA Scandal

‘Well, Ed, I’ll deliver the sound bite you’re looking for ...’

Major Garrett, Ed Henry Slam Carney Over VA and Tester (Washington Free Beacon)

White House reporters Major Garrett and Ed Henry took Obama spokesman Jay Carney to task Wednesday over his fast-talking on the emerging scandal in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Garrett accused Carney of “talking around it,” mentioning the bonuses given to those who led hospitals where veterans died after not receiving care.

“I would urge you to note how many Veterans Affairs offices there are around the country and simply state that what is required in circumstances like this is a clear-eyed, focused investigation and review, the likes of which are underway now,” Carney said. “And again, we will look at the chairman’s letter and review it. I think we all share concern, extreme concern, when it comes to making sure that our veterans are getting the care they deserve.”

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