Spicer Again Eschews the AP by Taking First Question from Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette

‘I’d be glad to take a few questions, Jim Stinson, LifeZette’

Sean Spicer Again Eschews the AP by Taking First Question From This Conservative Outlet (Mediaite)

It is longstanding tradition in the James Brady Press Briefing Roomthat the Associated Press — a presumably nonpartisan global news outlet — gets the first question for the press secretary in the White House.

However, newly-installed press secretary Sean Spicer sharply veered off the course of briefing room tradition Monday by taking the first question from The New York Post. And again on Tuesday, Spicer concluded his opening remarks by taking questions, and opened the floor to Jim Stinson of LifeZette.

For readers unfamiliar, LifeZette is the Laura Ingraham-owned conservative media entity, which harkens back to Spicer’s intentional opening foray at yesterday’s press conference: fielding his first few questions from right-leaning operations. In addition to Daniel Halperof the Post, Jennifer Wishon of Christian Broadcasting Network managed two questions before Spicer moved along to Univision.

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