Scarborough: If Saturday’s Marches Were for All Women, They Would Not Have Banned Pro-Life Groups

‘If they were for women they would not have banned pro-life groups marching’

SCARBOROUGH: "What I saw on Friday was President Trump speaking to President Trump’s most ardent supporters. Not showing any signs — Saturday was a massive international March but mainly Ives on the left. You can say for women. If they were for women they would not have banned pro-life groups marching. You shrug. Everyone shrugs. I’m going to say what I said to everyone else. Politics is a game of addition. It’s not about making your self feel good. You want to reach out to people, convert them to your side. You want to get them if you’re in the March on Saturday, you want toting them voting against Republicans two years from now. If you’re in the March — if you’re in the inauguration on Friday, if you’re Donald Trump, you want to bring them over to your side. I saw none of that on either of those sides."

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