Huckabee: ‘Refreshing’ to Have a President Who Understands What Business Has To Go Through

‘They have whole building full of the accountants and lawyers that help them go through [regulations]’


HUCKABEE: "Well it's refreshing to have a president who actually understands what business people are going through. They don't need to cut through the red tape, just get through the maze of regulation. Most big companies can ultimately do it even though it's very expensive because they have a whole building full of accountants and lawyers that help them go through it. But, Bill, if you're a small business owner as I am, just hiring somebody, the amount of money that you spend just finding out what it's going to cost to hire the person and do everything right is almost half of their salary per year and it is just so that a lot of people just don't even try to grow business. When businesses can't grow and when the government makes it so that it's more advantageous to shrink your business than grow your business the entire American economy is in trouble -- Trump understands that. That's -- that's refreshing."

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