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Obama: 'We're Not Hell-Bent' on Following Senate's Immigration Bill to the Letter
' ... but there's some core principles that we've got to get done'

Obama: We have 'narrow window' to get immigration bill (USA Today)

President Obama cast the new immigration bill as a law enforcement issue Tuesday, and told supporters they have only a "narrow window" of two or three months to get something through Congress before election season hits full force.

"The closer we get to mid-term elections the harder it will be to get things done," Obama told a group of law enforcement officials gathered at the White House complex.

Congressional elections are Nov. 4.

Obama noted that the Democratic-run Senate approved an immigration bill last year, but the Republican-run House has not taken action.

A revamped immigration system will also be good for law enforcement, Obama told his guests, making it easier for officers to stop criminals from crossing the border or exploiting a vulnerable labor supply.

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