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MSNBC Republican: 'It’s Not Fair' to the Clintons to Keep Bringing Up Lewinsky
'My thought on all this is that I'm just so sorry that it's coming out again'

MSNBC Republican: ‘It’s Not Fair’ to Clintons to Bring Up Lewinsky (NewsBusters)

It looks like the MSNBC-Republican syndrome is starting to affect Joe Watkins, Alex Witt’s go-to GOP strategist now that Susan Del Percio has left the network. On Saturday’s Weekends with Alex Witt, Watkins joined his more liberal colleagues in defending the Clintons from Monica Lewinsky’s re-emergence in Vanity Fair.

When asked his opinion of the whole matter, the strategist made it clear he was tired of the story. He erupted:
I hate to keep rehashing this story. It's not fair to President Clinton. It's certainly not fair to Hillary Clinton. She had nothing to do with this. She was the victim, if anything, and I thought she handled it with grace and poise.

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