Maddow: Obama’s the ‘First President To Be Leaving Office Since Eisenhower Without a Significant Scandal’

‘There were certainly failings, certainly things where governance fell short, but no scandal’

MADDOW: “I was thinking about the Secret Service, the things that happen with the Secret Service and some of the disturbing revelations that came out about the Secret Service and some other scandals during the Obama years. That sort of was the Obama years scandal, that there was trouble in the Secret Service, what we had thought of as this impenetrable and almost perfect secret security agency. And that’s kind of it. This is the first president to be leaving office since Eisenhower without a significant scandal dogging him from either one of his two terms. There were certainly failings, there were certainly things where governance fell short but there was no scandal.” 
SCHMIDT: “Not a single member of the administration indicted in eight years. It’s a remarkable record.”

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