Matthews: Iranians Held the Hostages to ‘Screw Carter’ Right Through the Inauguration

‘The Russians were not the first to play this dirty game’


MATTHEWS: "Carter calls up Jerry and says, 'Who is Jack Warner?' He didn't even know the Warner brothers. So you had this one guy trying to warm up the other guy in a world he doesn't care about. Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter is worried about the hostages getting out. He's got 52 Americans still waiting to get out, and the Iranians to screw Carter held them right through the inauguration, anything they could to bring him down. The Russians were not the first to play this dirty game.” 
MADDOW: "The great denouement to that story, too, is that Reagan, after that ride with Carter, he asked his staff 'What’s the matter with Carter? He seems so preoccupied.'" 
MATTHEWS: "Yeah, he’s got hostages. Maybe Reagan knew they were getting out." 
MADDOW: "He’s got stuff on his mind."

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