Schumer: Reince Priebus and Pence Have Pushed Trump Hard-Right

‘The hard right philosophy is so far away from where Americans are’


SCARBOROUGH: “What about — we had Elijah Cummings on who said he wanted to work with the incoming president on making Big Pharma actually negotiate drug prices. Do you support that?”
SCHUMER: “Yeah, absolutely. But, when I look at what he’s done over the last — while he’s not focusing on that end of things, he’s been hard-right and I think maybe the vice-president, maybe Priebus, have pushed him in that direction. The hard-right philosophy is so far away from where Americans are. Let’s look at the two major issues that have occupied us in the last few weeks. ACA, they have nothing to put — you know, ObamaCare — they have nothing to put in its place and Republicans are now whispering, 'Hey, this isn’t working. 'We won't be able to repeal it.'"

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