Rep. Rogers: Unlike Rush Limbaugh, You Will Learn Things From My Radio Show

‘I’m not trying to compete with Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Michael Savage. They have their own schtick’

From House to radio studio, retiring Rep. Mike Rogers hopes for 'smart debate' with audience (Star Tribune)

WASHINGTON — Rep. Mike Rogers wants to be a "productive conservative" on the radio dial who fosters "smart debate" during the daily show he will host after leaving Congress in January.

The ex-FBI agent and outgoing House Intelligence Committee chairman might not be done with politics after more than a decade in Congress, so there's unquestioned value for him from the three hours each day he will spend fielding questions and reasoning with a mass audience.

"I'm not saying I am," Rogers, R-Mich., told The Associated Press when asked if he was preparing to re-enter politics in the years ahead. "But I do foresee myself back in government service in some capacity in the future."

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