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Josh Earnest Repeatedly Refuses to Say if Bowe Bergdahl Will Be Commuted
‘If we have news on this then that’s news that President Obama will make’


EARNEST: “Well I — I don’t have any comment on any decisions that the president hasn’t made. There’s a number of other people who have applied for — for clemency, but — but I don’t have any news to make on — on that front. I think with regard to the — to the broader clemency —“ [crosstalk]
CUOMO: “But you can’t say that Bowe Bergdahl is not getting commuted?”
EARNEST: “What I can say is that — you know, if we have news on this then that’s news that President Obama will make. But I — I do also think, Chris, it’s important to — when you take a look at the president’s clemency record, the vast majority of the 13, 1.400 people that President Obama has offered clemency to our men and women who have served time in our criminal justice system for many cases, drug crimes —“
CUOMO: “Right.”
EARNEST: “— that didn’t involve violence. These are men and women who — if they were sentenced today under current sentencing guidelines would not have faced the kind of sentence that they previously faced. And so, this is actually about bringing some fairness and justice to our criminal justice system." 

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