Lewandowski: ‘Limousine Liberals’ Have One Set of Rules for Themselves and Another for Everyone Else

‘This is what we have seen with the elites for a long time’


LEWANDOWSKI: "Here is the thing, judge. These limousine liberals have one set of rules for everybody else and a separate set of rules for them. This is what we have seen with the elites for a long time. That’s why they hate Donald Trump. He didn’t have a separate community when he was talking to one community and another community. His mess and was simple. I’m going to make America great again. He’s going to do the same for everybody. Look at what he has done as the president-elect already. Judge Jeanine: He has the even gotten to the oval office. Just for his work ethic. He’s working 24/7. Just for that alone you would think they would give him some credit and say let’s wait. John Lewis is a respected congressman. I’m so ashamed of how he is conducting himself. A man in the shah dove martin Luther king who worked with a giant is basically alleging that we can’t respect him. He’s illegitimate. That’s destructive to the fabric of our nation."


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